According to Merriam-Webster, a testimonial is a “character reference” or a “letter of recommendation.” The team at Intimidation ClothingTM has established a fantastic reputation in the world of business and specifically in the MMA and combat sports industry with years of keeping promises, treating others with respect and being honest and fair with all we come in contact with.

Intimidation Clothing at Bellator 71

The Intimidation Clothing booth at Bellator 71 at the Mountaineer Resort & Casino in Chester, West Virginia.

Below is a growing list of testimonials from a variety of sources including Intimidation customers, sponsored fighters, agents, event promoters and more. If you have a testimonial that you want to see added to this page email us at info (at) intimidation-clothing.com.

Mark Matheny, MMA Referee – UFC, Bellator, Strikeforce, WEC Veteran:
“You MMA fighters and fans don’t see too many fight wear company owners out there working it like Luke (from Intimidation) does. He is working for you so S’port tha Sport.”

Greg Kalikas, NAAFS President/CEO:
“Intimidation Clothing has been a great partner for the NAAFS and more importantly for our fighters. Its not very often that a company can come in to a market and make an immediate positive impact but that’s exactly what Intimidation Clothing has done in the Midwest. Its been great to watch Intimidation grow over the past few years while establishing themselves as a legitimate player in the ultra-competitive MMA industry.”

Shane Carwin, former Interim UFC Heavyweight Champion & TUF 17 Coach on the MMA Underground forum on MixedMartialArts.com:
“100% agree Luke is a hard working guy and his team does a great job for a smaller up and coming brand. They even get on Bellator.” Carwin went on to say “I think IC is a great example of a brand working harder then its endorsed athletes. He uses what is given to him vs getting the support he deserves. What a lot of the guys he sponsors do not realize is when they get to the UFC (because of his help) there will hardly be any sponsors willing to pay them what he pays for their non televised fights. If I was the sponsored athlete I would be working my tail off to make sure they sold product and could (c)ome with me to the next level.”

Jordan McCreery, Ingrained Media:
“We have worked with the team at Intimidation Clothing from the start. They have brought a level of professionalism and enthusiasm that has helped the sport of MMA tremendously. We are honored to have Intimidation working with some of our clients and honored to consider them a partner and friend.”

Jason Dent, 4-time UFC vet, TUF 9 veteran & owner of GriffonRawl MMA Academy:
“Special THANKS to Luke of Intimidation Clothing for sponsoring me on my upcoming fight in Canada on October 26th! Been nothing but a long good relationship with Luke and his company over the years. Proud to carry his line of apparel at our gym the GriffonRawl MMA Academy as well. Not a lot of fight companies give back to the fighters like Intimidation Clothing does.”

Sherrod Seward JD, Corporate Partnership Director, Ludus Fight Club:
“In Midwestern USA, Intimidation Clothing is as essential to mixed martial arts as fighters and promoters themselves. It can honestly be said that Intimidation is the life blood of the Midwestern mixed martial arts industry. First and foremost, the designs of the Intimidation brand are awesome! The designs reflect the ever evolving look of mixed martial arts as the sport becomes main stream. Second, Intimidation Clothing is the most consistent financial supporter of top flight world class mixed martial arts events, seminars, and even my fight watch parties in downtown Cleveland.

However, the most important significant attribute about the Intimidation Brand is family. Luke Jernigan, owner of Intimidation, goes over and beyond to connect with the people/fighters/promotions he believes in. While the Intimidation logo is boldly displayed all over the nation, we must always remember it is a privilege to represent Intimidation Clothing. I personally am very thankful to have my fight team, Ludus Fight Club, representing team Intimidation!”

SPC Steven Arce, U.S. Army:
My name is Specialist Steven Arce, and I am currently serving in Afghanistan for the US Army. I just really wanted to say how awesome your clothing line is. My brother fights for Evolve, and I have been going to NAAFS and other fights for a while, and I have personally watched your clothing line grow. I was skimming over Facebook, and decided just to take this moment to show you guys some love. A few of the guys in my unit have asked about Intimidation because they are starting to see it around. It is really impressive to watch a company grow from the ground up, and I take my hat off to your company.

Lance S. after making an online purchase at IntimidationClothing.com stated on Twitter:
“@IntimidationMMA Want to give you a huge THANK YOU for supplying larger sizes for us above average guys. THANK YOU!!” and “Please follow and RT @IntimidationMMA! For all those big guys that can’t find proper fitting clothing check these guys out! #BigSizesMMA!”

Barry O. after making an online purchase at IntimidationClothing.com:
“I received the shirt today, I really appreciate it fits awesome too, looking forward to rocking it Saturday at the HookNShoot, again thank you, really speaks volumes about you and your company.”

Maria G. after her purchase in Morgantown, West Virginia:
“Thank you LOVE the shirts!”

Rick Pyles, Co-Owner of Ultimate Victory Challenge:
“We’re ecstatic to have such a well-known and highly respected brand like Intimidation as a part of this momentous event (UVC 20). We love working with Luke Jernigan and Intimidation not just because of their business acumen, but because they embody the same principles that UVC was founded on: faith, family, and fighting.”

Jay Pagliaro, Co-Host of Pull No Punches Radio (with Marcus Davis):
“In this sport, whether you be a fighter, a promotion, a website, radio show or apparel company, everyone has the same goal: to differentiate ones self from the pack. Luke and Intimidation Clothing distinguish themselves as a one of a kind brand in every sense of the word.

When you look at their products, you immediately walk away impressed and are left waiting to see how they can one up themselves with their next creation. I have yet to see a piece of Intimidation gear that I didn’t want to get my hands on. Trust me, in my time actively involved in this great sport, I have seen every possible design known to man, yet Intimidation is one of the handful of brands that never disappoints with their newest creation and strives to be unique with each.

On top of things, when you have the honor of dealing with Luke on a personal level, if you DON’T walk away with a high appreciation for his honesty, decency, integrity and work ethic, there is something wrong with you. He is truly a decent man who has the right vision; one who believes in the merit of working hard to get ahead and doing so in an honest, dignified manner. Believe me, in a dime a dozen world where people will stab you in the back as quickly as they can blink, the world needs a lot more honest businessmen like Luke Jernigan and Intimidation Clothing.

From one entrepreneur who tries to do things the right way to another, Intimidation Clothing and Luke will ALWAYS have my vote of approval.”

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